Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Latin Alliance - Know What I'm Saying (Pal Joey Remix)

kennt bestimmt keiner mehr, oder?
In a dismal black-and- white movie or image one can still find the warmth of colors, especially as the whole environment heavily influences the perception of such a movie or image. These thoughts were unvariably accompanied with contemporary music and this Mix for Inverted Audio has been inspired by many black-and-white images. Founder and co-founder Gordon Gieseking tried to include plenty of releases from the labels Finest Ego, Project Squared and Project: Mooncircle because they are the food for his thoughts... The mix includes Tom Diccico, Sei A, Lorca, Furesshu, Marco Effe, AnD, Makam, Dark Sky, Desolate, Kwala, Roof Light, Theo Bass, Robot Koch, John LaMonica, Pavel Dovgal, Good Paul, Empt, Bambooman, Sorrow, Rain Dog, MD, Brothomstates, Jack Dixon, Darling Farah, Submerse, and Sweatson Klank (aka Take). Photo by The Binh DWNLDINTERVIEW ▸▸ INVERTED AUDIO 01. Introduction: Negative 02. Tom Diccico - Future Fiction 03. Sei A - Frozen Flower 04. Lorca - Missed Me 05. Furesshu - All I Want 06. Marco Effe - For Me 07. AnD - Brother From Another Mother 08. Makam - Unconscious 09. Dark Sky - F Technology 10. Desolate - Ambrosia 11. Kwala - Sail The Wooden Horse Feat. Roof Light 12. Theo Bass - Mr Stellakis 13. Robot Koch - Tapedeck Feat. John LaMonica (Pavel Dovgal Remix) 14. Good Paul - Secret Story 15. Empt - Jitters (Bambooman Remix) - Exclusive 16. Sorrow - Moodswing - Exclusive 17. Rain Dog - End Of Time - Exclusive 18. MD - Appelsap (Brothomstates Remix) 19. Jack Dixon - Saviour 20. Darling Farah - Crown 21. Submerse - Tears - Exclusive 22. Sweatson Klank alias Take - In Between - Exclusive 23. Outro: Positive DWNLDINTERVIEW ▸▸ INVERTED AUDIO

Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Kool Keith - Goodbye Rap

Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

TONIGHT ►► Project: Mooncircle Label Night w/ Om Unit, Robot Koch, Sina., Sweatson Klank (aka Take) and Jinna Morocha at Club Gretchen in Berlin

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Prenz Prenz Rap Rap

Freitag, 08.06.2012, Ecke Prenz aka DJ Breaque & DJ V.Raeter und Da Kid von den Cutcannibalz im PRIDE Club Colbestr. 26 / Berlin Friedrichshain ... Die ersten 50 Gäste erhalten das "Prenz of Rap"-Mixtape von Ecke Prenz FOR REAL!