Montag, 29. August 2011

Long Arm "Organic" EP

PMC081 - Long Arm "Organic" EP snippet by Project Mooncircle

"I would never fallen in love with the spring, if I wouldn't know the autumn. I would never leave my home, if I wouldn't feel how dear it is to me. The world is full of contrasts. Every day is full of conflicting emotions and events. And all of these leaves an imprint, and leads to the world formation in my mind. World - where dreams meet reality, and where the white can't exist without the black." - Long Arm

Recorded, mixed and arranged by Long Arm | Georgy Kotunov in Orenburg, RUSSIA. Remix versions by Krts, Daisuke Tanabe, FiJi, Eugenia Peters. Vocals by Graciela Maria, Teknical Development & Tinavie. Mastering by Sven Friederichs. Artwork by Bioniq / design by Gordon Gieseking. A&R: Gordon Gieseking & Jinna Morocha.

Release date: September, 30thPRE ORDER

Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Falty DL - Hip Love (Jamie XX Remix)

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Alles jute!

Hip Hop Hurra und so. 20 Jahre Conne Island. 40 Jahre Torchmann. Plus ein paar weitere Altstars aus Heidelberg, München und Hannover.

Samstag 24.9.2011, Conne Island Leipzig, Karten via

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Freitag, 19. August 2011

FINEST EGO | Interviews: Mike Gao

Mike Gao from LA stayed with us for a while so we took the chance to talk about his upcoming project with Daisuke Tanabe (Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Volume 2) and his app-magic for I-Pad and I-Phone. | | | | | |

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Vezelay - Archetype

Dienstag, 16. August 2011

FINEST EGO | Monthly Trip with Mike Slott in Berlin

Gerade erst zurück vom Satta Outside Festival aber dem Berliner Publikum keine Ruhepause gönnend. Monthly Trip Nummer 5 präsentiert Mike Slott aus Dublin bzw NYC, der keine weitere Beschreibung benötigt. Mit Unterstützung der Finest Ego DJs Scott Hobbs, Soulmind, Jinna Morocha und Gordon Gieseking wird die Panke die gesamte Nacht von dynamisch pulsierenden Klängen gefüllt.

11.30PM Soulmind - Dj set
00.00AM Scott Hobbs - Dj set
00.30AM Vaiper - Live
01.30AM Mike Slott - Live
02.30AM Jinna Morocha & Gordon Gieseking - Dj set

Gerichtstraße 23, Wedding, 13347 Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Lucky Me | Mike Slott | Project: Mooncircle | | BLN.FM | Panke Berlin | Finest Ego Website | Native Instruments | Ableton | WeSC

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

RIP Galla

Too Strong - Fahren wie auf Schienen auf Freestyle Viva 1994


Beat : RepEAT PaTTeRN
via: bugseed

Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #005 – August 2011: Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle “Re-Entry To Earth | Fear Not The Dark” - Satta Outside Festival Tribute Mi

Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #005 - August 2011: Gordon of Project: Mooncircle "Re-Entry To Earth | Fear Not The Dark" - Satta Outside Festival Tribute Mix

This mix was given to us by Gordon as a tribute to Satta Outside (we will organise a Beatmaker Challenge / Ritmo Kovos together with our friends from Renegades of Bump there).
No doubt, the Project: Mooncircle showcase at the festival, including Robot Koch, fLako, 1000 Names and Playpad Circus as well as the DJs Gordon and Jinna will be another highlight this year!



01. Intro - Re-entry To Earth | Fear Not The Dark
02. Blue Daisy Skit
03. Puzzle - Quencht
04. Monky - French Vanilla
05. DZA Skit
06. Robot Koch - Lights
07. Krts - Hold On
08. Numaads Skit
09. Numaads - Now (Robot Koch Remix)
10. Pavel Dovgal Skit
11. Pavel Dovgal - Kiss Purple
12. Benjamin One - OI Stalker
13. fLako Skit
14. fLako - Doldrums
15. Christoph El' Truento - More Than
16. En2ak - Who Mourns For An Android
17. Called Understandable Souls - Rummet Interlude Remix
18. 1000 Names Skit
19. 1000 Names - Equinox
20. Shigeto Skit
21. Shigeto - Relentless Drag (Mike Slott Remix)
22. Kratos - Lonely Ride
23. Tinavie - Letter From Space (Long Arm Remix)
24. Mondayjazz / Teebs / Mike Gao Skit
25. Comfort Fit - Nitro

Satta Outside Festival | Project: Mooncircle | Finest Ego

Shabazz Palaces!!!


Montag, 8. August 2011

Freitag, 5. August 2011

FINEST EGO | Radio with Darkhouse Family and Monky on BLN.FM (August, 5th - 7pm / 10th - 7pm / 11th - 11pm)

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha and Gordon Gieseking on Radio BLN.FM (August, 5th - 7pm / 10th - 7pm / 11th - 11pm) every first Friday, Wednesday & Thursday per month.

We are talking about the latest Finest Ego Compilation, which is delving into all the different kinds of styles of production currently notable in the United Kingdom and Ireland and, furthermore, will have interviews with Darkhouse Family and Monky. Tune in and enjoy!

The show includes acts like Monky, Darkhouse Family, Benjamin One, Ras G, fLako, Mr Beatnick, Mo Kolours, Krts, Maxy Bills, T-Woc, Comfort Fit, The LoFi Freq, Average Thought, Ean, Envee, Espalda, Headshotboyz, Don Leisure, Rebel, Diger Rokwell, 2phast and many more...

Finest Ego | Radio with Darkhouse Family and Monky on BLN.FM

01. Intro "The Finest" (Produced by Del Fi)
02. Maxy Bills "Telegraph"
03. The LoFi Freq "Emerald Shadows"
04. T-Woc "Roll Dat"
05. Ean "Clever Carl" - Unreleased
06. Benjamin One "Oi Stalker"

**Darkhouse Family and Monky Interview**
07. Darkhouse Family "Where Is Everyone" - Unreleased
08. Don Leisure "Punta Skala" - Unreleased
09. Monky "French Vanilla" - Unreleased
10. Monky "Hipster" - Unreleased
**Darkhouse Family and Monky Interview** End

11. Skit: Mike Gao
12. Envee "Kali" - Unreleased
13. Skit: Shigeto
14. 2phast "G" - Unreleased
15. Skit: 1000 Names
16. Comfort Fit "Nitro" - Unreleased
17. Espalda "This Tense" - Unreleased
18. Mo Kolours "Biddies"
19. Skit: fLako
20. fLako "Blurry Dream" - Unreleased
21. Mr Beatnick "Wotchagonnado" - Unreleased
22. Ras G "Crush On An Earthling"
23. Rebel "When I Fall (Headshotboyz Remix)"
24. Skit: DZA
25. Diger Rokwell "Lion Rok"
26. Average Thought "1st Up"
27. Krts "Mistletoe"
28. Outro "Finest Ego" (Produced By Robot Koch)

Listen on BLN.FM | ITUNES



Schnürt eure Tischtennisschühchen und kommt heute in die Panke (und tagsdarauf am Samstag gleich nochmal zu Johannes Gesäßtritt).

In Liebe.


...and he invites ye to a invigorating session, serving tasty music and yummy chocolate at the Panke DJ Bar. Launching on Friday 5th of August 2011, there will be nothing less but all you need for a fine time embedded in colourful tunes. Bring your beloved ones, bring your buddies, or just bring your good ol' sketchbook and doodle around. The Binh makes sure there will be some listening pleasure. And while humming that unresistable melody or nodding to those swinging beats, even some sweet cocoa bars will be handed out. If that won't make ye happy - what else will?

Thank Gawd it's friday - soulful DJing at Panke w/ the Binh.

Starting at 10pm - free entrance.

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Pavel Dovgal "Kiss Purple" Official Video (Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol 1 - Project: Mooncircle, 2011)

Project: Mooncircle / Bandcamp | Project: Mooncircle | Monoclock Music | | Directed by Pavel Dovgal and Jenja Shvidak | Studio: Nial Vision

Order the limited vinyl version NOW

Montag, 1. August 2011

Out now: Label ♥ Vol. 3 präsentiert: Pierre Sonality & DJ LuKutz (Funkverteidiger) x Joe Kickass & V. Raeter Live!

Pierre Sonality & DJ LuKutz (Funkverteidiger) x Joe Kickass & V. Raeter Live!

00.00 - Joe Kickass & V. Raeter (Project: Mooncircle / Spoken View Records)
01.30 - Pierre Sonality & DJ LuKutz (Funkverteidiger)
02.30 - V. Raeter

Samstag, 6. August
Gerichtstraße 23,
Berlin-Wedding (Wedding, Berlin)

Funkverteidiger | Project: Mooncircle | Joe Kickass | Spoken View | Mixery Raw Deluxe | Backspin | Splash Mag