Freitag, 5. August 2011

FINEST EGO | Radio with Darkhouse Family and Monky on BLN.FM (August, 5th - 7pm / 10th - 7pm / 11th - 11pm)

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha and Gordon Gieseking on Radio BLN.FM (August, 5th - 7pm / 10th - 7pm / 11th - 11pm) every first Friday, Wednesday & Thursday per month.

We are talking about the latest Finest Ego Compilation, which is delving into all the different kinds of styles of production currently notable in the United Kingdom and Ireland and, furthermore, will have interviews with Darkhouse Family and Monky. Tune in and enjoy!

The show includes acts like Monky, Darkhouse Family, Benjamin One, Ras G, fLako, Mr Beatnick, Mo Kolours, Krts, Maxy Bills, T-Woc, Comfort Fit, The LoFi Freq, Average Thought, Ean, Envee, Espalda, Headshotboyz, Don Leisure, Rebel, Diger Rokwell, 2phast and many more...

Finest Ego | Radio with Darkhouse Family and Monky on BLN.FM

01. Intro "The Finest" (Produced by Del Fi)
02. Maxy Bills "Telegraph"
03. The LoFi Freq "Emerald Shadows"
04. T-Woc "Roll Dat"
05. Ean "Clever Carl" - Unreleased
06. Benjamin One "Oi Stalker"

**Darkhouse Family and Monky Interview**
07. Darkhouse Family "Where Is Everyone" - Unreleased
08. Don Leisure "Punta Skala" - Unreleased
09. Monky "French Vanilla" - Unreleased
10. Monky "Hipster" - Unreleased
**Darkhouse Family and Monky Interview** End

11. Skit: Mike Gao
12. Envee "Kali" - Unreleased
13. Skit: Shigeto
14. 2phast "G" - Unreleased
15. Skit: 1000 Names
16. Comfort Fit "Nitro" - Unreleased
17. Espalda "This Tense" - Unreleased
18. Mo Kolours "Biddies"
19. Skit: fLako
20. fLako "Blurry Dream" - Unreleased
21. Mr Beatnick "Wotchagonnado" - Unreleased
22. Ras G "Crush On An Earthling"
23. Rebel "When I Fall (Headshotboyz Remix)"
24. Skit: DZA
25. Diger Rokwell "Lion Rok"
26. Average Thought "1st Up"
27. Krts "Mistletoe"
28. Outro "Finest Ego" (Produced By Robot Koch)

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