Montag, 7. Juli 2008

DJ Breaque´s "Keep it unreal, o.k.?"

Sehr nices Tape von Audio 88s Live DJ und ExFunkviertler Breaque ...
Keep it unreal, o.k.?


01. intro: for my people
02. aesop rock: daylight
03. state of the union: 4081
04. the planets: food for thougt
05. skit: bless your whole cru/ kankick
06. pase rock & l universe: messing with my head
07. j.rawls feat j.sands & grap luva: chek the clock
08. skit: doomsday
09. prince po feat. mf doom: social distortion
10. cannibal ox feat. rob swift: cosmos
11. daedelus: dumbfound edit remixed
12. alias: am i cool now?
13. rob swift feat. J-live: sublevel
01. intro: breaq bitches
02. wildchild: code red
03. viktor Vaughn: mr. clean
04. the casual brothers: declaration of motivation
05. skit: who plays da real?
06. shadow huntaz: stay true
07. rjd2 feat. Copywrite: june
08. non phixion: futurama
09. qwel & maker: broken wings
10. king geedorah feat. Lil sci, id4 winds & staahr: next level
11. skit: by invisible
12. dabrye feat. Jay dee & phat kat: game over
13. game over…?!


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