Montag, 11. Mai 2009

copy&paste für alle Beatnördz

For over 2 years, producers using the Stones Throw forum have been holding weekly beat battles. These are open to all newcomers - any and all producers are encouraged to participate.

Here's how it works:

• Saturday: Pick a sample. Winner from the previous week chooses a sample and posts it to a file sharing drop (this week: and sets the rules.

The default rules are:
Flip the sample any way you like
No outside drums or bass allowed
No acappellas.
One beat per person

• Sunday-Thursday: Make a beat. Participants make a beat from the selected track and upload it to the same drop. Keep it under two minutes, and upload a 128kbps MP3 file.

• Friday: Voting.

Beginning this week, Stones Throw and Now-Again are involved in providing some of the source tracks for sampling. Other than this, the Beat Battles are operated 100% by the producers involved.

Check out audio from the past week's winner: STF's “Megamania”

check hier


A Kid Called Drum hat gesagt…

dit sample findet man da nirgendwo. is mir irgendwie zu blöde.

Zeal hat gesagt…

ich weiss auch nicht.

stevo hat gesagt…

hab da schon n paar ma früher mitgemacht..sind aber nich so dolle typen da unterwegs..

hier gibts das sample..

is immer im aktuellen thread (ganz oben), im ersten post..wo auch die regeln etc..stehn

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