Dienstag, 29. September 2009


Nee, nicht Sichbeton, noch nicht... erstmal das "Reunion Album" des Anti-pop Consortiums. Ich poste hier mal den gewohnt fachkundigen Kommentar von allmusic.com und stimme voll zu:

Of course, it's always a grand proposition when standard-bearers return after a long absence, but no one in rap or experimental techno could have been fully prepared for Fluorescent Black, easily their best record -- packed with more highlights than anything they'd released before, but also more cohesive than they'd ever been. With heavy claps on the beat but experimental effects shooting all over the mix, it's just as innovative as fans would expect. And the rapping sounds rejuvenated, with Beans particularly, as Antipop Consortium rap over the best beats they've heard in years (despite a healthy number of projects during the interim). None of this is going to sell enough records to bother Jay-Z, and a track or two veer too close to MF Doom for comfort, but Fluorescent Black is easily one of the best rap records of the year.

"Fluorescent Black" im stream


Gordon of Project: Mooncircle hat gesagt…

Das Cover ist schon mal ein absoluter Grund dieses Teil zu kaufen!

Gordon of Project: Mooncircle hat gesagt…

Weiß jemand, wer das gemalt hat? Würde mich freuen..

Anonym hat gesagt…

mir gefällt das teil nicht, bin auf arrhythmia hängen geblieben

Sven Swift hat gesagt…

mark evans heißt der mann