Freitag, 25. März 2011

Wayne Shoots Again

Der famose Jonwayne droppt ein kleines Paket ausgesprochen doper Remixe. Ich finde das vor allem interessant, weil die Kids aus der Wedidit-Clique (Shlohmo, Juj, eLan,...) alle so jung sind, dass sie ganz andere Rap-Vorbilder haben als, bspw., ich.

Hier ein Auszug aus Jon's linernotes:

"Between you and I, I want to make beats for Gucci Mane in real life. I think that would be the dopest shit ever. Him and Drake, Busta, Twista, whoever the fuck. Radio men. I get all into that shit when I think about the fact that these vocal stems are from radio hits and what not. Sometimes I have to go back to the original track just to have context surrounding the transformation. Sometimes I just think: "Damn, the OG beat sucks...but these guys are actually pretty nice with it." I would love an opportunity to put the very same talents that all these territorial underground hip hop fans complain about every day in front of an actual creative background, still retain pop sensibility and make some good shit."

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