Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Pixelatique presents: Metropolis Seclusion | Mixed by Gordon of Project: Mooncircle

A city is a place for us to be lonely together… ’Loneliness in a big city‘ – a topic which has been accompanying people since they started their travels to far away places. But what does this particular loneliness really mean nowadays? Is it just a void filled with sadness and feeling of isolation in the coldhearted sort of place? Or maybe a space in one’s mind to find the better path on their road of life…? Let us present you opinions of several foreigners trying to make their dreams come true in a different country. Their statements are mixed with electronic, dubstep tunes, such as: Rumpistol, Rain Dog, Yoko Duo, Christoph El’ Truento, Soosh, Gards From KC, Krts, Sipp, Steamgoat, 1000names, Teebs, Sina., Antennae, Mo Kolours, Melo, Frederic Robinson, Broken Bubble, Kilimanjaro, George Fitzgerald, Furesshu, Jacques Greene, Inga Copeland, Long Arm, Robot Koch and 40 Winks.
… and you… have you ever been lonely in a big city….?

More information | Download | Project: Mooncircle

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Metropolitan thanks!
Wondering what was entertaining me more... the statements or the tracks?