Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Szenario - Hypnotic Machine (Album Cassette/Digital, March 2nd 2012)

We're proudly announcing our first Finest Ego solo releases. Available digitally and on limited chrome cassettes (with digital download code), we are releasing a series of albums and EP's from talented and promising artists. Expect all facets of instrumental hip-hop, future beats and electronic beat music....

Images of classic movies come to mind while listening to the "Hypnotic Machine" by Vienna-based beatsmith Szenario. Wether a thriller, crime story or action flick, this album will turn your imaginary cortex into a screen for a true cinematic experience.

Mastered by Dj Buzz of Waxolutionists. Original paintings by Simon Walter.

Digital download | Chrome cassette + digital download code

Szenario Bio
What most people believe to be a Vienna-based producer, is in actual fact, a weird creature living in the native forests and mountains of the Bohemian Alps. Feeding on all kinds of herbs and roots as well as insects and mollusks, Szenario only leaves his hiding place after sunset to rummage for food in the moss and soil, utilizing his sensitive antennae. Every once in a while, during obsucre rituals passed on from ancient cults, Szenario assumes human shape and can be seen with peculiar beat machines which have been used during sacred rites in temples centuries ago.

Releases: Sidestreets, Dreaming in Public, Apollo Gold – Schlichtes Gold
Collaborated with: Dudley Perkins aka Declaime, Manuva, Skero, Raptoar

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