Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Think Loud present: Droppin' Mirrors w/ Kev Brown, Aloe Blacc, Oddisee and more..

Droppin' Mirrors is a musical cross-section of past collaborations, as well as a glimpse of projects to come. But what makes this compilation special? The tracks featured are no mere licensed releases, nor are they a "Best Of" of ThinkLoud's back catalogue. Droppin' Mirrors contains almost nothing but exclusive productions. These are the natural result of joint shows with, and tours managed by ThinkLoud's DJ Conikt across Germany and Europe. They managed to get artists like Aloe Blacc (Stones Throw), Kev Brown (Up Above), Grand Agent (Superrappin'), or Oddisee (Diamond District) on board. At the same time, young and talented artists like Portformat, Shuanise, Fid Mella, and others have found their way onto the album. They embody the very sound we are aiming for. A major portion of the songs was composed by in-house producer Stroe, and recorded together with the guest artists in Berlin. The result is a genre-crossing product that transcends its roots in Rap, Experimental, and neo-Soul. Droppin' Mirrors sets sail towards electronically fragmented, soulful beats, deconstructivist arrangements, and unconventional ideas to let a charm of its own flourish.

The album includes Aloe Blacc / Grand Agent / Kev Brown / Oddisee / Trek Life / Kaimbr / Portformat / Shuanise / Fid Mella / Terrence Bowry / Wolly Vinyl / Black Swan / Summsemann / The Unknown / Lars vom Dorf.

Noch mehr Infos gibs auf Thinkloud.de

<a href="http://thinkloud.bandcamp.com/album/droppin-mirrors">Wired Spotlight by ThinkLoud</a>

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