Freitag, 2. September 2011

FINEST EGO | Radio with Shigeto and Paul White on BLN.FM

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha and Gordon Gieseking on Radio BLN.FM (September, 2nd – 7pm / 7th – 7pm / 8th – 11pm) every first Friday, Wednesday & Thursday per month.

We met the multitalented and sympathetic Shigeto from Brooklyn, NYC, to talk about the importance of touring and being a live artists, right before he played an incredible show in Berlin some weeks ago.

After his show on the “Arena” stage of the Satta Outside Festival, we met Paul White to speak about his album “Rapping With Paul White” on One Handed Music. Tune in and enjoy!

The show includes acts like Kelpe, Esbe, Ears, AstroLogical, Concept, Shigeru Tanabu, Paul White, Benjamine One, Lo-Kick, Galus, V.C., Shigeto, Om Unit, Krts, Mo Kolours, B-Ju, Muramic, Subeena, Damu and many more…

Finest Ego | Radio with Shigeto and Paul White on BLN.FM

01. Intro "The Finest" (Produced by Del Fi)
02. V.C. - Kind Of Bad - Unreleased
03. Om Unit - The Corridor (Shigeto Remix)
04. Skit: Kelpe
05. Kelpe - Same New Era
06. Ear - Magic Carpet
07. Concept - Universal
08. Shigeru Tanabu - El Camino feat. Akane Del Mar - Unreleased
09. AstroLogical - Moon Units feat. Noah Becker
10. Muramic - Television
11. B-Ju - I.R.A.
12. Galus - Door To The Mind - Unreleased
**Shigeto Interview**
13. Shigeto - Brown Eyed Girl
14. Shigeto - French Kiss Power Up
**Shigeto Interview** End
15. Damu - Mermaid (Subeena Remix) - Unreleased
16. Lo Kick - Money - Unreleased
17. Benjamine One - Untitled - Unreleased
**Paul White Interview**
18. Paul White - Indigo Glow feat. Jehst
19. Paul White - Indigo Glow Instrumental Version
20. Paul White - Far Away
21. Paul White - Trust Instrumental Version
22. Paul White - Trust feat. Guilty Simpson
**Paul White Interview** End
23. Mo Kolours - Bakiraq
24. Long Arm - When We Fall feat. Graciela Maria (Krts Remix) - Unreleased

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